Peter Kiefer is a senior researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, leading the GeoGazeLab at the Chair of Geoinformation Engineering. His research focuses on the improvement of mobile GIS and location-based services. He is interested in people's visual attention and intentions while using these systems, and in new assistive technologies that can help to improve the interaction with mobile geo-spatial services. Further, he investigates gaze-based interaction methods for interfaces to spatial information.

Martin Raubal is Professor of Geoinformation Engineering at ETH Zurich. He was previously Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, UCSB. Martin’s research interests lie in the areas of Mobility & Energy, more specifically in LBS, spatial cognitive engineering, mobile eye-tracking, and GIS for renewable energy analysis.

Christoph Hölscher is a psychologist by training and Professor of Cognitive Science at ETH Zürich since 2013. He was previously a principal investigator on projects in the SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition (Freiburg, Bremen), Europe's largest research center on spatial cognition integrating psychology, cognitive science, computer science, linguistics and GIS. The ETH Cognitive Science group investigates basic and applied questions of complex cognition, i.e. understanding how humans tackle complex tasks in real-world task environments. Such complex tasks range from interaction with computer system to finding one's way around a large building or urban environment.

Mirko Meboldt is a Professor of Product Development and Engineering Design at ETH Zurich. After receiving his doctoral degree in 2008, Mirko Meboldt worked for several years at Hilti AG in Liechtenstein where he was responsible for global technology and product development processes. Mirko is interested in human-centered product development and regards the connection of research and education as key to excellence in training. The emphases of his research are on innovative possibilities and quality development based on early prototypes and ongoing validation of efficient product development processes and successful products.



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